That wood interior

I had no intention of starting to refinish the wood in the 66 yet. Then I was checking out the cabinet doors under the sink, and decided to pull one and give it some work.
Aftet stripping mildly & sanding lightly, it sat overnight. The next day two coats of chestnut colored stain, again it sat overnight. Third day two coats of tung oil, then a wipe down to remove excess.
The door was truly beautiful, gone form a faded mildly grainy look to a deep color with a nice oil finish.
So, I pulled another door...and then another...and then realized I had to do the trim areas around the doors before I could remount them, so ...........

Bought my four tires, 8 PLy load range D. They will be shipped shortly, so I know what I will be doing next weekend.
Also got the two small needle valves needed to fix my water tank system. Found them on EBAY as no one had them locally.

Next major item are the propane tanks, with their rusty fittings.