Plumbing and leaks

Found the leak that was letting some water drip down the bedroom wall. A vent on top was unsealed, the old sealant just dried and cracked. Scraped it off and then reapplied fresh Seamermate, my choice for polyurethane sealant.

Cleaned all the windows and tracks, lubed up the opener assemblies with aluminum lube, and sprayed all the rubber gaskets with rubber rujevenator.

Then started on the plumbing. After replacing the inlet hose, I found the two leaks I will have to fix.
One is in the main inlet copper pipe, it must have a crack at the bottom. Going to try PEX in this fix, mating it to the copper ends.
The other leak is in some small valve up bu the water tank. It wil be replaced as will the small rubber hoses near it. Hopefully that will fix the water!
Later addition- nope still leaks all over the place. Even the water tank has a crack.  Remember this people-- winterize!!  PEX is in my future for sure.