Project 66 started

After the initial cleanup, and a few days of airing out, and discarding the mattresses and other junk, I began the more involved work. First, with pad and pen in hand I assessed what was needing to be fixed or worked on first. Also, what parts might need replacement.
I tried a little polish on the skin to see if the clearcoat was still present, which I gladly discovered to be the case. This will enable me to strip it and shine the skins later.
I next got out the sander and cleaned up the tongue and hitch area, then the entry step and finally the rear exposed frame and the bumper. The light surface rust was quickly gone, and new primer applied. Photo shows the tongue during sanding.
The next day I applied two coats of silver aluminum paint, one by brush and than a spray coat to smooth it.
Then on to the plumbing.