Wood Veneer Repair time

I have not yet repaired the veneer on my bedroom wall. The cover for the vent pipe runs up the wall, and it was one of the spots that had gotten water damage as it leaked while the trailer sat unused for years. This was before we got it of course. It does not sit very long now at all, and when it is stored for some time I am always running over to clean or work on something.
This is the kitchen side of the wall. Note how the wood is colored...pretty ain't it ;)

The wood veneered cover on this vent pipe is a 3 sided box attached to the wall. The veneer cracked and the water damaged the plywood beneath it.
It had always looked bad, but it is not a big thing, and more important issues were there to be dealt with.
Today I unscrewed the holding screws coming through the kitchen wall, and pulled off the box. It is 31" long and about 3-4 inches wide on the sides. My plan is to build a fresh box from plywood a bit thicker than the original which seems to be 1/4". I will use either hardwood faced plywood, or veneer the plywood myself. I think the hardwood faced will work well and once stained it should be a close match. Of course the 50 year old walls have mellowed some and it may not be an exact match, but time will tell.

The area just below the box is a bit messed up, where the veneer has bubbled up a bit. I plan to shoot some wood glue into the bubbled area and get it flat. Then re-stain and seal. Photos coming...