Finally- Powder Coating

My stove top cover and inside control panel always bugged me. They would not clean up the way I had hoped. I tried many polishes, and various cleaners and techniques to no avail.
I wanted powder coating, but general costs seemed high so this settled in to the bottom of the want lists. Actually below a new solar dome.
Well solar dome will ave to wait a little while. I found a powder coating company near me that was very professional and super reliable. Ray Paul Coatings in Marietta, GA.
They assessed the panels and had them cleaned, coated and ready for pickup in less than a week.

The results are excellent.

The only issue I rant into, was the rivet holes for the top. When I removed the piece and drilled out the rivets, I left some material in the holes. The coating folks did not notice, and I didn't either. This created coated holes where I had to redrill for the rivets to go through. It was a pita. But it worked. 
The cover went on with no issue, and the control panel slid right in.
Now if I could get the burner grills replaced. The coating was discouraged on these as the direct heat would sear it off, Maybe high heat paint or a stove black paint will be the ticket. Not sure yet.