Spring is springing!

Man I am glad for Spring to be here soon...our rally in N Georgia is coming in 4 weeks. Springstream  has been an April tradition for campers since 2002. It gets 35-50 units and is a whole lot of fun for us Airstreamers and others.


Meanwhile we moved, and I have yet to clean up the trailer and get it ready. I am waiting for some drier and warmer weather. The inside is in good shape, as I go out and wipe down the wood cabinets and keep the floors clean...just needs a general cleaning, and the outside a wash and maybe polish touch up..OMG more time with the polisher? We are certainly old friends..

I added one of those cheap Chinese electronic pest protectors. Supposed to keep out the little rodents that like to climb in for the winter. Seems to have worked. Or maybe its just a mental thing.