Moved and happy after a year+

We spent over a year looking for a home in a subdivision that would allow trailers in the driveway.
I also needed a 3rd garage for my older Porsche.
Not easy to find at all. In fact it was nearly impossible. I also like a large lot, with trees and hoped for a master-on-main. Too much to ask for I guess...

We found one almost right and it was sold before we could make an offer...then found no others and almost gave up... until this past August when we found what seemed to be the perfect home for us.
 A neighbor had an RV in his drive, and we saw it parked there over a few weeks so we knew that was a good sign.
We made an appointment to look at the home, and on a walk around the over an acre lot I noticed a parking space cut into the curved driveway.  I paced it off and it was just over 26 feet. Having a 26 foot Overlander I was really amazed with that discovery.

We saw the two car garage, which was one car short for us.
 I considered parking my truck outside if we bought it.
 Then on the house tour, we entered the huge basement and I saw the 3rd garage door leading in from the opposite side of the house that the main garage was on.

Wow. Now if we could only get a deal.

The house was some $40-50000 above what we had in mind, and we also needed  a contingency that we could sell our present home first.

Incredibly...the seller took our offer and terms. We went through a lot of anxiety and expense getting our house ready to sell. A couple of near deals fell through, one at the very last minute. Then ...

I am simply happy to say that after 3 months our old house sold to an excited and equally happy couple. Within a week we had the offer, contract and financing arranged ...

 We closed on and moved into the new place two weeks ago.
The Airstream slid right into it's parking spot and the old 911 went into it's new home. Other features of the house are perfect for us.

All is well. Sometimes you just don't know how good it can be when you have faith and are patient.

Pictures to come...