Arrghh the Broken Window!

Using my trimmer in the driveway, I suddenly noticed a pile of broken glass near the Airstream. The trimmer must have kicked up a rock and it broke the side living room window. ARGHHHH!! These are Corning  glass windows, unframed and curved nicely. Hard to replace, but new glass is available at $150 or so.

Yikes...what crappy luck.

Then, it changed as I remembered and extra glass panel that came with the trailer, laying under a bed.

My lucky day as it turned out. ....the glass was the same exact size as the broken one. Also it had the aluminum upper part and the two opener clips already attached.

It took a little effort to clean up the broken shards, and get the area ready to slide on the new glass.
Thankfully it all went smoothly, and the window was back in place.

The sheet slides in at the top, and then you attach the opener arm part to the upper frame inside.Three set screws help to hold the glass in place. I replaced these with new ones from the hardware store.
The old guy there looked at the screws I brought as samples and asked if they were from an aluminum screen door. Good guess!

All is well, and the trimming will not happen again without protecting the trailer first....lesson learned.
The Upper Frame with shards left in it

The newly installed glass, covered in plastic while waiting for a new rubber seal.