Spring shining

According to the calendar Spring has sprung..and it is generally warmer I must say.

I gave the old girl a good cleaning inside, vacuuming, and wiping everything down. Oiled the wood panels and doors. Cleaned out the moth balls I throw in the cabinets and closets and bins.

I hooked up the water to check for any new leaks after the low temps we had here in the South.

Hooked up my tow vehicle and took her for a spin so as to avoid any surprises when we leave for our first Spring trip. All is well ...and the 66 is ready for another season of camping.

As for the skin...I washed the outside well with detergent and a soft bristle brush. Then I used a car spray detailer to clean up the shine.  It will get some polishing done later on, but for now I have her looking pretty good. I find that car windshield washer fluid works well in the skin, but the detailer has a little wax in it which helps too.

Our first trip is to ALUMALINA in South Carolina, and all we have to do now is pack.

Hoping for warm weather.