A "few" Winter projects

Since we will not be camping until Feb or March it's a good time for a few winter projects. I have a list that might be longer than I can finish, but its a good start anyway.
-I just got a mushroom vent cap for the vent pipe over the kitchen, which has always been a source of leaks. This part from VTS should do the trick. I need to get a rain free couple of days in a row so I can put it on and let the sealant dry well around and under it.
- On my way to Alabamathis week to pick up a 67 Dometic Refrig like the one I had to scrap when I got the Overlander. This one is supposed to be mint and works like it should. The great thing is it will fit right in under the counter, where the all electric one I put in leaves a big gap, and a lot to desire in room inside it. Hope its worth the 5 hour drive each way. Luckily we are off work and a few days road trip will be fun.
- I have new marker lights to go around the trailer. I am holding off until I get the polishing a little further on the upper areas so I can then put these on.
- Pulling to old rusty furnace out. We never use it and are satisfied with our little electric heater from SharperImage. The tiny box heats up the whole trailer no problem....
I expect to leave in the furnace surround, and the inside door, making it a storage cabinet.
- Last - once I get the leak for sure sealed, I am gong to have to replace the ash wood veneer on the bedroom dividing wall and a piece on the underside of the overhead storage locker. This ought to be very interesting as I would like to not have to pull out the cabinetry. Yeah. Like maybe I can glue the veneer on with contact cement in place. Well maybe.
- And I have to repaint the emblems on the trailer...
-And I found a hub cap to match the original 3 AS factory caps.

And March will be here before all this is done..LOL