Every time we go out it seems we forget something. This last weekend we went to the Blue Ridge, and camped on a foggy mountain top. Beautiful but cool weather.
We forgot the TV remote, which is no big deal, but we wanted to see College Football Saturday night, and you have to do a manual set up on the TV.. No big deal but one more thing to remember.
Then I went off to shower, and couldn't find a hairbrush. Nice. Not that I have a lot of hair, but it does require a comb at the very least. Another item for the list. I usually leave a small brush in the bathroom cabinet, but it ended up in my Miata. Need it when the top is down.
Next it was some food for the dog. Left his stuff at home. Nice. He is old and does notlike much besides his regular food.

Well all this leads to- is make a list of stuff you usually forget, or must do before pulling out. Then do it!

It sure makes the trips better when you are prepared.

Fall is a great time for camping in your Airstream ...get out and enjoy it.