Oven of old

The oven in our Overlander is under the counter across form the sink. It is a seperate unit from the 3 burner stove. Both are Magic Chef and original to the 66.
I got the stove working with a bit of cleaning but the oven has been stubborn.

My wife wants to bake and warm up items so I set to work on the oven.
I found that with the parts out the burner was fairly clean, with only some usual surface rust. The gas tube to the burner looked great and the other parts seemed dirty and mildly rusty.

I cleaned the parts with a solvent ( carb cleaner) outside, then blew them all out with compressed air.

I left them to dry a day or two to be sure. I like my eyebrows where they are!

Once reassemble I was able to light the pilot for the first time after a few sputters.

Then turning the know to 300 degrees, the oven lit up just like it should. A strong blue flame all around the burner.

Happy wife....happy life.