I started with the usual --- stripped the clearcoat with Removall,,,,,Acid wash with spray on AlumaBrite, then on to sanding with wet paper at 400, 600, 1000, 1500 grits to get rid of the corrosion and scratches from years of exposure to the elements. Then Nuvite, Tool Box Polish, and a few other ideas.

The corrosion got better and better, though not all smooth it still looks a far amount cleaner. The Black Emery bar at 2500 to 3000 rpm did a lot to smooth this out but also left small scratches.
So with prodding from a few Airstream friends....4 actually....I ordered a grey bar and an 8" wheel from Jestco Products. The black emery came from Caswell Plating.The polisher(s) from Harbor Freight.
I also have a Cyclo that has been around for the last 3 trailers. I expect to use this last with Nuvite C or S, and maybe some Gord's polish which I also bought.

Spent enough on polishes...!!

Here are some photos to show the story of late. It has gotten better and better and the grey seems to be getting another level of shine. Still some finer scratches, hopefully I am getting them off too.
Before any grey bar...Nuvite F was used. Panel is still cloudy.


see the line? ( on the right) where the grey bar stopped..

The shine I want is an 8 to 10 footer ...this is not a disco-ball or dj mirror light,,,but I want it to be clean, shiny and sharp!

This 66 is looking healthy. I saw an EBAY auction for the same trailer restored/redone by Airstream Jackson Center and P&H  who polished it. Over $26000 was bid at last look. So I am feeling good about my Airstream.