Corrosion and an awning to be

Been hitting the worst filiform corrosion spots on the trailer with the black emery bar, a brown bar and Nuvite F7. Looks a lot better but still not where I want it to be. I am a bit afraid of going too deep, but want to smooth out the spotting as much as I can. Then I will polish with Gord's and Cyclo using Nuvite C. About to get back at it now...

Meantime- I spotted a deal on some new but not 100% perfect Carefree awning material. All it needs to be our next Pole awning are the grommets and some poles. The color is perfect for our Overlander with black, tan, grey striping. Got it for a great price, so I will have a 12' x 9' awning soon for less than 70 bucks.
I need to get the grommet kit and round up some poles, ropes and stakes. The last pole awning went with my 31' sale.

We- camped at the gorgeous Lake Russell in North East GA. 4 days last week. It was perfect weather and we did not need the a/c at night. Amazing for June.
The fish were jumping but my usual lack of skills left them all in the water. Fun though, catching or not.

Looking forward to another trip soon....to another nearby lake.