It's always something!

I spent some time pulling off the cover for the hitch wiring under the front belly. My lights had been intermittent. I cleaned up all the wire connections sprayed electrical cleaner all over, rewrapped the wires and sealed it all back up. It works great now.
So then I hitched up to pull the trailer for awhile just to keep it rolling, after it has sat for a month.
Got back and intended to do some polishing...found a few rear belly pan rivets that were loose. So I set out to drill those, and re-rivet. The rivet gun kept sticking and would not release the shaft after each pull. I spent way too much time taking it apart 4 or 5 times, then finally got the rivets in. Then I noticed some sealant missing on a vent. So I got out the gun and the gutter seal... an hour later I finally hooked up the polisher .

5 hours later...I cracked open a cold one! I also striped the lower molding in burgundy and black. One more stripe to add..silver in the middle. This will match the zip dee material we will use for our vintage pole awning later.