New interior items

We hit the local IKEA on Sunday, where you can get a great lunch for 3 or 4 bucks, and then peruse all the crazy and inexpensive stuff they sell. Found a great brushed metal spice shelf for our trailer, and a couple picture frames with a similar metal look to use too.
When I got home I mounted the spice rack on the kitchen wall, where it will soon be joined by a hand drawn picture of us with our dog standing in front of the Overlander.
Another story here- but we were at a great party Saturday, where the hosts invite their musician and artist friends to play or display their wares. We found a great artist there who will be coming to draw the picture of us. His work was so cool and very affordable. I played guitar with a trio for 30 minute or so too...
Hope to be able to show the picture soon.....

Still need a/c, but with Sept approaching and bringing cooler weather ( we hope) we should be back out in the trailer soon.