Weekend work

Hate those little corrosion marks on the skin. Using the Rob Baker polishing method with Diamond Brite and Cyclo I made a lot of progress shining her up. But the little marks are still there. Tried 600 grit wet sanding then some 1000 grit. It makes the skin smoother and maybe now I can polish it out more.
I also tried getting rid of some of the "shadow" of old WBCCI numbers and stickers. It even had a Good Sam Sticker I had to pull off. What remains is shinier than the rest of the skin, as it is somewhat pitted on the front, so I hit it with the 600 grit and 1000 grit so far..hope it will look better later! Sure looks rough now..

Lastly for today- I glued up some aluminum to the cracked and ugly as heck tub surround, which I puzzled over for awhile. This seems to look pretty good, now I need an idea for the molding to cover where it screws into the floor. Needs to be curvy, so I can't use the plastic wood look molding I have used before.