Polishing more

More polishing...the trailer is looking way better, but still has a ways to go. I have used only Diamond Brite and the Cyclo which has worn out a few pads. The green ones seem to hold up longer as they are more dense.  Ordered 8 more pads online.
It is easier than other methods but a ways to go to produce the best effect. I odn't want a show piece, but a nice shiny Airstream that looks clean.
 One more pass with this then I will try some Nuvite G6 on the tougher areas, or Brown Tripoli. If I have to use wet sanding at 600 grit I will try that too. Some of the milder corrosion and scratches are already better.
You can see where the roof has not been done, and what the whole trailer was like before...very dull and chalky.
Next I will check on some powder coating I want to get done.