More little stuff done

Got the two old propane lines from the refrigerator and the aux heater off today. Disconnected from the main line and will cap it off.
Sealed the outrigger under the fridge area with JB Weld and strips of metal. Decided it was in good enought shape to not need cutting out and welding a new one in.
I will be hiring a welder to put a metal brace under the step that will bolt through the door frame, but I didn't want to order the outrigger if we don't need it. This is a low stress spot a as no one will walk over it...and it wil be behind the frame where the new all electric fridge will sit
Cheating a little but it will hold up.
I also sealed up the hole in the bathroom floor with bondo and metal strips ..I did this on a previous trailer where it did not require me puling up the plywood. It's under the corner of the bathtub and closet where again no one will put any weight.
Now we can put in the plywood piece for the living area, and figure out what florring we will go with.