All of the 3 or 4 leaks in the 66 are from lack of sealant around the roof. The door leaks from no sealant on the "eyebrow" above it.
 I mean zero.What do I expect from a trailer that has been sitting  unused for maybe 15 years?
The shower had a leak around the vent pipe next to it,,,no sealant around the vent pipe at the roof. None at all left.
The bedroom leak was from another vent pipe with no sealant.
That is actually good news as almost all those spots are now sealed, and with no other leaks found at this time, I can repair the damaged floor spots and move on to installing the vinyl laminate flooring.

I suspect this trailer had been well sealed and maintained for years, then just sat the last 15 or so while the sealant evaporated, cracked and became useless.

A tube of Seamer Mate is fixing that. I have used that as well as Vulkem and Tremco in the past. They all work well as long as they are not silicone.