Gaucho "oucho" removal

The screws that hold the gaucho frame to the floor were rusted just enough to make them unremovable. They are also countersunk, so it was a problem. I tried easily prying the frame up with my flat bar, and the screws literally popped out of the floor. (Photo is where the old water tank was.)
I backed them out of the frame with vise grips. I will fix the holes in the floor and then get some new stainless screws to go an inch or so from the old location.
The oak frame of this couch is really solid and well made.

I am a little worried that the side mounted table will need trimming on the mount part once I refloor, since the flooring will be a bit thicker. Hopefully this will not be an issue.

Looking forward to putting in the planking as new flooring always makes such a difference in how the inside looks. My 78 Sovereign really cam alive when the laminate went in.
We will take the gaucho cushions to the upholstery shop soon too.