Still getting caught up

It's now almost July (!) and I have several projects still on the table. 

1.The new Solardome vent cover I bought is still in the box. 2. The portable A/C unit I got is now in the trailer and needs the vent attached to the rear window.3. The replacement plexi front window is cut and ready to be installed.4. The caulking tube is still unused. 5. Door curve must be reset.6. Lubrication of the wheel bearings is an idea, they may be fine but "safe is better than sorry".7. Touching up the polish would be good.

Well, enough to keep me busy but for the daily rain getting in the way.Most of these projects require open windows or vents, and a steady rain is no way to get it done.At least not in the driveway.So I am on hold for a few more days....I can only hope.The plan is to head out for a week or so of camping...If I can get most of this accomplished.If not, we will still go. Gotta hit the road soon. 😎