A different kind of Rally?

The weekend of April 22-23 we helped host a Rally for Vintage Campers at the Atlanta Motorama Auto/Bike Show.
It was the first time a category and a display area for Vintage ( pre-1989) Campers was set up.
The publicity lacked a bit😖 but will be better in the future.
There were also many other early Spring events held on the same weekend.

About a dozen campers attended and their owners enjoyed the over 1000 Cars on display, many motorcycles, a swap meet, bar-be-cue competition, engine rebuilding contest with High School students from many area schools, food truck court, and live music...
The indoor car show area featured pre-war high end restorations that were truly fabulous. Also a separate building for select custom and resto-mod cars  full of interesting and beautiful autos.

The vintage camper area attracted lots of attention, mainly from folks who are curious about what it takes to locate a vintage camper and restore/resto mod one. Some who were simply curious.
There were people who already have a camper but not sure how to proceed with restoration, and were able to ask questions of those who have been there, done that.

 A great weekend for all.

Watch for this rally again next year at 

Vintage Camper owners have an early truck and this muscle car too

Camper area framed by Vintage Chevys

Trans Am to the MAX

Bugatti  Atlantis- Wow!

Camper section at show

Tow your camper with this Big Foot !

1951 Vagabond, 1954,1962, 1964 Airstreams lined up

The 1951 Vagabond is truly gorgeous, and in the same family since 1960.
Note the 13 Panels on the Airstream.. a 1954 model