Storms and a Fridge Vent leak..what?

For starters to our new year, we 'streamed down to Pensacola beach area, and camped at Big Lagoon SP. Lucky to find a park with sites over the Winter break, we took advantage of it for 5 nights.
This is a great park just across the water from Perdido Key on the water of the Intracoastal. Typical f Florida state parks it is very natural, but well equipped with showers and all that.

On the way down we drove through some hellacious rain storms that lightened up as we got the campsite. Great... so we could set up and connect before the next round came in.

The night was a bit rough with heavy rain, and high winds. But we slept well with the rain on the roof and no leaks! The 66 stayed dry and cozy all night. Temps were in the low 60s so it was comfortable. 

Monday however, started out clear, but then in the evening the storms revved up and came in strong.
Tornado warnings all around us and the winds really started to rip. All of a sudden we got a large amount of water running out from under the refrigerator. 
We never had a leak there or really anywhere and were surprised. Grabbing the stack of towels from the bathroom we soaked up what we could. 

The storm broke for a little while, and we took the soaking towels to a nearby  ( somewhat...)
laundromat. Dried and cleaned we headed back to the trailer as it started to pour again. No hail noted, thankfully but the roads were treacherous and very dark, except for the blasts of lightning and thunder.
I got out to run into the camper and a bolt of lightning hit the woods right behind me..I jumped into the trailer and had to catch my breath. 

Luckily the wind had changed direction and very little leakage came though the vent this time. Other bloggers and writers have said they experienced fridge vent leaks when the wind whipped the water over and in. Luckily my wood sub floor is sealed with poly.

The camper sat in a small lake of water, but I was happy we were in it and not in the tent our neighbors shared. Typical of Florida, next morning you almost couldn't tell it had rained.

The scene in the early evening, BEFORE  the rains came in again harder.