Cool trailers

Besides my own Airstreams, there are so many other cool trailers to dream about . Here are a few to gaze at;

For sure some of the coolest old trailers are from Spartan
This one is a 1947 Manor. These trailers have full wood interiors and the larger models have front and rear doors.

1947 was a great year for campers. Just after WW2 and a lot of folks wanted to hitch up and see the USA.
This is an AERO Flite. Not one that is easy to find these days.

Super rare Motorhome
Powered by a 460 Ford engine this was one of only 3 Western Flyer models built
Wow is all I can say!! But it worth a photo from the rear as well...

Except for there GM Autorama produced motorhome called the Futureliner this is the wildest coolest one I have ever seen.