Wanna Host a RALLY?

I started attending Airstream Rallys in 2001. I found the first ones to be overly organized, too demanding and loaded with rules to follow.
Not my idea of fun.
I posted on a web chat board about having a no-rules, no-dues, all fun rally and got some responses.
Our Rally took place at an Airstream only Park in the Florida Panhandle.
The idea was to meet and share information and simply have fellowship with like minded individuals.

It went great. We had 7 units, of which 6 were Classic motorhomes. None of us had seen too many of these and were excited to be around them and share ideas and tips.
I learned how to rivet. No joke, I had a rivet gun but had never used it. My Clasic 280 needed a few holes filled and we went to work on it. With a little direction I was doing great in  no time. I learned to put some sealant like Vulkem around the rivets before they went in.
This was just one of the many tips I got that first weekend.

The main thing was keeping it loosely organized and having shared meals and chat times.

This led to more attempts at Rallys. With the advent of the AIRFORUMS, where I was a founding member, we were able to grow our attendance at the events.
I found a great campground in North Georgia that seemed to be the perfect spot for our group and ahd the facilities we needed.

As time passed, we are now in our 14th year of twice a year Rallys. Many others have grown out of our success. Attendees followed our lead and started their own close-to-home get together.
what started as rebellion against a strict un-compromising club, became a regular fun filled weekend event.

So if you want to host a Rally near your home or at a favorite campground here are some tips:

-Be sure the campground can accommodate your expected group size, and ask if they will hold sites for a certain period of time.
- Don't over organize! Plan a loose schedule around things that the folks will enjoy. "A tour of homes" is ever popular.  Shared meals are always a hit.  Some instruction form the more experienced attendees in maintenance and other topics can be good. Too much and it becomes a chore.
- Be friendly and flexible, for example- we allow anyone to attend. Even those with no Airstream
have been welcomed, and often they return with their own trailer next time.
-Put the information out there on the web so others will be attracted to attend. There are several places you can share info, the more social media you use to get the word out, the more people will find it.
Here are some photos of the rallys from the early ones on to the present.

1st Rally in 2001 @  MYSTIC SPRINGS PARK

Adding Music made it even more fun

                             Our lake front location for subsequent Rallys for more than 6 years now

Its hard to beat a FALL Rally!

Food makes it more FUN! Shared pot luck Breakfast ...