Hitch issues

I sold my 2000 Ford Excursion v10. It has been ultra reliable and a steady tow machine for us the past 7 years. But it was time to downsize a bit. I started looking at Jetta diesel cars, progressed  up to Korean and Japanese small SUVs.. Then found a Chevy Trailblazer. Not too small not too big,,maybe just right. V6 with 275hp and decent gas mileage on regular.
Tow rated at 5500 lbs without weight distributing hitch...up to 7500 with it.

Factory tow package with brake controller wiring tucked up under the kick panel. 7 pin connector..etc

After getting it home and installing my Prodigy brake controller, I proceeded to back it up and hitch up the Overlander. Lo and behold the truck hitch was 4" too high for the trailer. Arghhhh!

What the heck!  So after posting a query on Airforums,, I found I would need a new adjustable shank for the hitch.  Of course my present wd bars set up is from 1966... And won't hook up with the shank...So a whole new hitch and bars has to be sourced. Ahh the joys of changing vehicles.