Vintage1967 Dometic Refrigerator Installed!

We placed the refrigerator in its spot its heavy and it moved slowly all the way in where it needed to sit..ithe 1967 model sure looks good and it strengthens the whole area as it supports the shelf and entry wall.
The wood front looks great too with the wood in the trailer. It is plugged in for now and is cold!

I cleaned up the outside some and before closing up the wall area I used clear Rustoleum "flex seal" type sealant along the wall/floor seam behind the fridge and oven. A little extra seal to keep leaks from the frame.

The entry wall  area looks so much better and is solid as it should be.

Pleased with the whole Dometic project, and now on to replacing the Atwood water heater., the marker lights, the vent cap over the bedroom and ?...............oh yeah more polishing when the weather gets on towards Spring. Though it is 70 here January.
outside blends in perfectly.
the inside is a little faded, but not bad.