Spring Rallys coming up in April. Getting ready.

-I have had a time getting the corrosion and scratches cleared especially on the upper panels. Bought a sewn cotton loose buff and the mount for my polisher. Found it wouldn't fit! I need a polisher with the 5/8 11 thread spindle. Mine is older and doesn't have that.
So I bought another from Harbor Freight..the older one has worked for 4 Airstreams. With an online coupon it was 29 bucks so I should get my money out of it.
The buff with a black emery bar seems to do the trick. It will get out a lot of the corrosion and marks, though I don't want to push it too deep into the aluminum and cause any problems.
A great shine from 10-20 feet away will work for us. No perfect mirror is required.
So far it is coming along, and once the pollen here dies down some I will get more done. PIX soon.
- Next up I will have a welder come out and put a brace under my entry step. I have seen this done and it works great. The way this step is made it has little support from the frame. A bar across the bottom will do the trick.
- Also on the way is the replacement for the Solardome. The long rectangular and slightly rounded skylight will either be replaced with another or a flat lexan panel. Not decided yet.