Quite a few years ago we began to have small rallies amongst like minded Airstream campers, and some with other brands too. We even had people come who had not yet bought an Airstream, as they could see what others were experiencing and  decide between models, new or used, vintage or later.
This began from a desire to learn about our trailers and motorhomes, while enjoying smo elaid back time in scenic spots. 
We started literally with 7 units. After a few times the number grew to 10 then 20, then 30, 40 or more. We had events in many prkas and campgrounds, and the we moved the venue to Hiawassee GA for most of the events, after we had a great time there at the GA Mountain Fair Campground on Lake Chatuge.

The views, the layout, the facilities all added up well for us. We now see upwards of 100 people at the rally, many who have never attended anything like this.
The big draw of course is seeing and sharing information about our beloved Airstreams, but also the fact that we have no rules, no dues, no requirements, really not even a  club, just a group of folks loosely organized. we have a fun time with a minimal schedule that offers pot luck meals, and a tour of the trailers and other RVs. The owners can choose to show or not to show their unit.
We chose Falluminum for our October event name, and Springstream for the April one.
The names caught on and we are now coming up on 12 years or so of these fun weekends.

See more information here if you are interested.