After a lot of sealing on the roof vents and seams, I still had two leaks around the windows. These curved windows evidently can let water in thru the aluminum hinge at the top. I followed directions I found to fix this with silicon sealer the anti-Airstream product for any other use. You work the silicon into the hinge by opening an d closing it with the sealer in the groove.
After a nasty storm last night I will check this morning to see if it worked. ..... Later--- it was dry inside so I guess the fix is in.

Leak #2, the PEX plumbing redo is done, looking like some crazed plumber got ahold of it, but it does not leak!! Thankfully....yet the old Atwood water heater has a crack at the bottom of the tank I did not know about until I turned the water on of course. I will bypass it for now so we can camp.
 Propane- finally got the tanks updated, OPD valves in and filled. Added a regulator and hoses, and the stove fired right up. Now we can cook too. Getting there!