More progress!

Pulled out the old Dometic refrigerator, found that the bottom was mostly rusted , and discarded it.
The spot where it was sitting for 44 years or more, was in pretty good shape, though the wood along side between it and the oven is shot. Too much dampness took it's toll on the wood section.

Got most of the old tile pulled up, and removed the old water tank and pump. The tank had a leak, and since we never use it, it is out permanently.
Got the gaucho apart and out, so I can add new flooring underneath it. The wood around all the edges is in very good shape! NO leaks.

In a small vent area  under the gaucho I found the remains of the critter that left so much mess around the trailer.
A field mouse or chipmunk, pretty hard to tell at this point. Cleaning out that last section eliminated the last bit of odor and dirt.
Measured for the plumbing replacement, and flooring.