about 6 weeks away or so is our Fall Hiawassee Georgia get together. This thing has taken on a life of its own. People I have met at other functions ask if I know about it.
I almost feel embarrassed to say that I actually organized it. This all came about so accidently, after our first get together in Mystic Springs, Airstream Park ( Fla) seven years ago, I thought I would try to get a Rally going here near Atlanta. The first was at McKinney Campground, so was the second. Then Cloudand Canyon, Fort Mountain, and then we picked Georgia Mountain Fair's Campground in Hiawassee.
The first time there was so perfect! The lake was gorgeous, and the mountains picturesque.
Since then this has been the campground of choice for us twice a year.
It helps also being closer to N Carolina, Tennessee, and Northern Alabama.
From our initial 7 attendees to now nearly 50. Its a great group, and all bent on relaxed fun times.