Gone but not forgotten

Tuesday Feb 19 started with a major storm blasting through our area. Lights blinked at 6:15 am then went oout. The wind howled in an unusual tone, and we rushed to the lower level of our house thinking it had that "train" sound we had heard about..the tornado sound.
withing moments the wind pitch reached even higher, and we heard a huge thud, and the sound of breaking glass.
As soon as it dies down a bit, we ran upstairs, flashlights in hand to see what had happened.
The meager light from the flashlights did not show the story. A sudden lightning flash illuminated the driveway and revealed a huge pine tree laying across our Airstream and onto our roof.
The next flash revealed the extent of the damage....the trailer was flattened and crushed into a useless mess. The house damage, from the inside seemed minimal.
Pictures of the trailer accompany this post.