Sure have enjoyed the trailer camping this past year or so. It was different for us in the beginning, after having as motorhome for 5 years, but has been nothing but fun since then. Our longest trip in the trailer thus far, was through the Carolinas to Virgina beach, then to the Outer Banks and up through N. Carolina again and back home. Took about two and a half weeks, with family visits along the way.
The first stop was in Columbia, SC. where a super strong storm cell blew in just after we entered the campground. I was stranded in the office trying to sign in, while the wind howled and the rain pounded. Power was out for an hour or so once the rian stopped.
The next day we stopped for gas, and I noticed a football sized dent in the top of the Airstream, where a tree limb had fallen during the storm. I was not too happy about that, but not ready to try and repair it while on the road.

After travelling four or five hours in bright sun and 85 degree temps, we stopped to set up for the night. On my usual walk around to get things hooked up and ready, I glanced up and saw the dent was gone! The suns heat had "healed" it and there was not a trace of the spot I saw hours earlier. Airstream self-repair!!
How cool is that?