This blog will be about Airstream Trailers and Classic Motorhomes and our passion for these icons of Americana. Aluminum riveted beauties of the highways.

I had known that the Airstream Trailers existed for some time. Being a confirmed automobile freak, I try to keep up with all kinds of rolling wheeled machines.
But it was to my surprise when I first came across an Airstream Classic Motorhome, the riveted aluminum kind.
I had never seen one, never even knew that they existed.
Trailers, yes, although I did not know they were still being made...guess I had never noticed.
But Motorhomes? Looking like a shiny silver riveted bus, a bit like a B52 or some aircraft, this really caught my eye.
I had to ask someone, anyone, whether or not I was seeing a one of a kind homemade trailer adaptation or not.
I have since seen a few of these; Airstream trailers grafted onto Van chassis, or on a truck or bus frame, or even built form the ground up to resemble an Airstream but motorized. As for the one I saw that fall day, I later learned it was purpose built, by Airstream....a trailer built onto a Chevrolet truck chassis at the factory.
There was not a lot of info on these out on the world wide web, but enough to peak my interest. I read what I could.
Stumbled across some groups that discussed this kind of thing. Even hooked up with some email friends that either had one or wanted one.

A month or two later, on a family cruise up in North Georgia apple country, we spotted another of these elusive machines, on the roadside. A for sale sign in the window grabbed my full attention. we pulled over and got the seller to give us a tour.
Inside was a curved living/driving space. Tubular but comfortable with a fair amount of seating room and headroom. Lots of 70's decor in this one, shag carpet, browns and tans. I had to own it!
Unfortunately when i heard the asking price I realized a big toy like that might be a little out of my reach at the moment. Plus the needed re-decorateing and who know what else would be a budget buster for us.
So I went home and began scanning the web, and every publication I could find for another Airstream Classic for sale.